I'll be the Safest Psychotic Bitch in Town

I'll be the Safest Psychotic Bitch in Town

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bellemyblake said: i made the gifset you're looking for and you can find it here! :) post/86516265252


(PS. You’re a genius. A hilarious genius.)

100 fandom - HELP!

I need your help to find a gif!

It was of the scene where Bellamy, Finn and Raven were deciding who would take the bomb. And someone had put Olaf (from Frozen, duh) over the top with the scene where he pops up saying ‘you hesitated’.


My housemate and I laugh about it nearly every day and it appears that I WAS AN IDIOT and didn’t reblog it.

Can you please, please, please help me find it again?

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The Hunger Games trilogy by Suzanne Collins

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Me: I'm just a blip in the universe!
Hannah: Yeah, but you're on my radar.

Survivors Chapter 13 - Bellamy and Clarke are about to find out just what the Mountain Men want from the 100.