I'll be the Safest Psychotic Bitch in Town

I'll be the Safest Psychotic Bitch in Town

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Valhalla… that’s where I’ll wait.


 Madeline Quincey→ 25 → Rachel Skarsten → Hunter → OPEN/RESERVED/TAKEN


"The most dangerous monsters are the ones that look human.”


Madeline was born to a long line of supernatural hunters. Due to this Madeline has traveled around the world with her parents and other families of hunters to continue to eliminate the world of them. At a young age she was taught that all supernatural creatures are not to be trusted, and that they are not human. Above all she believes that creatures like vampires and werewolves are the most dangerous because they are the ones that can blend in with human society. This belief stems from an experience she had when she was eighteen. A lone hunter joined their group, he befriended all of them and later turned on them; revealing that he was in fact a vampire; Madeline and her family barely escaped his attack. The same cannot be said for many of her friends - including her lover. Due to this her attempts to destroy supernatural creatures have been fueled by anger and revenge, a combination that has made her a force to be reckoned with and well-known among other hunters. She is proud to claim that she was the one that single-handedly killed the rogue vampire in the end. 

As Madeline has aged she has broken away from her family group, opting to hunt alone like many of the other new generation hunters. She has spent years researching for towns like Barton Hallow, infiltrating them little by little, and eventually raiding them with other hunters to watch them burn to the ground. Finally, after years of tracking down its location Madeline has found her latest target. She won’t rest until she frees humans of another town ran by supernaturals that have ran rampant for far too long. 

Madeline’s Personality: 

Good: Intelligent, Determined, Focused, Passionate, & Caring

Bad: Harsh, Vague, Cynical, Guarded, & Irritable

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Kenzi “first and last appearance” (1x01/4x13)

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Kenzi, she’s gone

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